BioMolecular Imaging can help your company navigate the complexities of biomarker development from preclinical research to FIH imaging to approval. We can guide you as you interface with the FDA, CRO’s, and academic imaging sites.

BioMolecular Imaging has extensive, decades-long experience in anatomic and molecular imaging as applied to the conduct of therapeutic trials and the determination of drug efficacy. This spans most all imaging modalities, organ systems, and therapeutic areas. Trial design, data analysis, and expert image reads are areas of expertise.

Diagnostic imaging is a core competency of BioMolecular Imaging. We have an extensive background in the clinical use of anatomic and molecular imaging technologies. Furthermore, novel imaging probe development from the molecule to human imaging is an area of deep experience. These areas of expertise extend across therapeutic areas, organ systems, and probe types, including small molecules, peptides and antibodies.

Imaging in Drug Development and Clinical Trials
Molecular and anatomic imaging continues to be an ever increasing and essential component of clinical drug trials. Early stage trials examine target accessibility and drug pharmacokinetics, while later phase studies employ imaging as an early indicator of response or as an efficacy endpoint. New molecular probes from early phase studies become the future diagnostic agents that guide patient stratification for therapy and monitor patient response.

Business Development and Commercialization
BioMolecular Imaging can serve in an advisory role for venture investments in imaging companies and for merger and acquisition activities. We can provide investment advice and strategic support for start-ups or for mature companies, including those focused on development of new diagnostics, imaging hardware, or image analytics.